Design & Engineering
Mould Building
Injection Molding
Die Casting

Rapid Prototyping


Rapid prototyping allows SIGMA to accelerate the product development process by providing precision built parts that give the look and feel of a finished product. Services offered:

  ● SLA (stereolithography)
  ● SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)
  ● FDM (Fuse Deposition Modeling)
  ● Cast Urethane Parts
  ● CNC Machining


◆ Production Mould


SIGMA offers a wide variety of plastic injection mold tooling solutions (below) with mold cavitations ranging from single to 64 cavities.

  ● Multi-Cavities Molds
  ● 2-Shot / Multi-Material Molds
  ● OverMolds
  ● Unscrewing Molds
  ● Insert Molds
  ● Stack Molds
  ● Thin Wall Packaging Molds
  ● Cold Runner, 3-Plate, Semi-Hot, and Full Hot Runner Molds
  ● Rapid Prototyping Molds

At SIGMA, we continue to invest heavily in automation, the latest machining technologies, and training that enhance our manufacturing capabilities. Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technologies, a highly trained staff, and customized inspection systems, we can offer total component interchangeability and dimensional accuracy.


Precision Machining


When your project demands machined components with strict tolerances for quality, cost and time-to-market, we deliver the right solution for your precision machining and insert requirements.  Our state of art equipment and experienced work force permit us to meet aggressive delivery schedules.